Dev Nath
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Hello, World !

Hi, I'm Dev. I work at Google. My areas of interest include distributed system infrastructure, performance optimization and large-scale machine learning platforms.


Dev is a Software Engineer at Google, based out of Mountain View, California. He works on system scalability and performance tuning for Google Shopping serving infrastructure. He earned his MS degree in Computer Science in 2015 from the CS Dept. at the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UC Santa Barbara, he worked at the RACE Lab advised by Prof. Chandra Krintz and Prof. Rich Wolski. on StochSS (Stochastic Simulation as a Service).

StochSS was a NIH funded project whose aim is to provide an integrated development environment (IDE) for running discrete stochastic simulations of biochemical networks and population systems in cloud computing environments. Dev's contribution was a generic cloud computing framework for configuring virtual machines and deploying arbitrary scientific simulation programs in the cloud (public or private) by wrapping the source code as a web service.

Dev also has been a software engineering intern at AppFolio, a SaaS startup, focused on property management vertical. At Appfolio, he worked on property rental price prediction as a member of their data analytics team.

Prior to Google and UCSB, he worked at McAfee on enterprise data protection products, which included transparent enforceable encryption of files and removable media.