Google Shopping Ads: Serving Infrastructure

Software Engineer, Google Inc.
August 2015 - Present

Member of the development team for Google Shopping Ads Serving Infrastructure.

AppFolio RentMatch: Pricing Analytics

Software Engineering Intern, Data Science team, AppFolio Inc.
June 2014 - September 2014

AppFolio provides a web-based Property Management SaaS solution designed to help professional property managers to market and manage their portfolios.

  • Worked in AppFolio’s Pricing Analytics (Data Science) team on finding Rental Unit Similarity using machine learning methods based on features like amenities, associated text, school districts, location, linked census data, etc, extracted from customer data.
  • Built Super Squirrel, a MapReduce like framework for collecting and processing data, distributed across AppFolio’s data centers.
  • Developed a Google Glass App Eyepatch, as a 24-hr hackathon project for making voice activated property inspections using AppFolio's services as backends.

StochSS: Stochastic Simulation as a Service

Advisors: Prof. Chandra Krintz, Prof. Rich Wolski
RACE Lab, UC Santa Barbara

StochSS is a NIH funded project whose aim is to provide an integrated development environment (IDE) for running discrete stochastic simulations of biochemical networks and population systems in cloud somputing environments. [ publication ]

  • Built a generic cloud computing framework for configuring virtual machines and auto-deploying/managing arbitrary scientific simulation programs in the cloud by wrapping the source code as a web service.
  • Developed Flex Cloud, a lightweight cloud service abstraction layer for supporting simulation runs over different infrastructures (physical, virtual, as well as public or private clouds).
McAfee Complete Data Protection, formerly known as Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders
McAfee Complete Data Protection
Formerly known as

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders

Software Development Engineer, EEFF team, McAfee Inc. (aka Intel Security)
February 2012 - August 2013

EEFF, now part of McAfee Complete Data Protection is an enterprize encryption product for Windows endpoints, controlled by McAfee ePO servers. It intercepts read/write calls to the file system using a filter driver and encrypts/decrypts data according to policies set.

  • Worked on releases 3.2.9, 4.1 & 4.2 – contributed to client-side (including filter driver development) as well as server-side ePO management codebase.
  • Developed 'Kill Pill' Proof of Concept – remote deactivation and secure wiping of encrypted USB devices (EERM: endpoint encryption for removable media).
  • Other features developed include Key Cache Expiry, code overhaul for FIPS 140-2 encryption standard compliance, Role-Based Key Management, enhanced encrypted removable media recovery, etc.